Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Critical Response of Race Article

I read the article about the principle who called all the students together to ask them who was planning on attending the dance with people outside of there race. He canceled the dance after many students rose there hands. The article didn't really say anything about what happened to the principle but apparently he was fired but then elected superintendent. This shocked me because this only happened 15 years ago, and the fact that he was CHOSEN to basically be the top person in the school district makes me wonder what kind of people were living in the town. I honestly don't get it because the article said that a lot of students said they were taking someone outside of there race but then this man was elected into a position. 

The article also talked about how things like affirmative action were first put into place to help minorities who have been discriminated against, but now it just seems be making things worse for some of those people. It's giving people more reasons to be racist towards them because they don't think that they deserve something like that. I think that there should be a balance, but it's hard to say what that it because ultimately it's going to be swayed one way. Another important point that the author made in the article was how races are generalized and all put into one category when there really are so many different subgroups within a race that should be recognized. I never really thought of this because I've never really been discriminated against but like for the white race I can think of many different branches that exist.


Morgan said...

I am also shocked by that too because if they wanted to bring other races, which makes us sound like animals, then why would they elect him as the top job of the school. I was also shocked that it only happened 15 years ago, which wasn't that long ago. But I love your blog and you, so have an awesome day! lol

Cody Dederich said...

I don't know how I feel about affirmative action...in many way's it's necessary but the fact that we need it makes me mad. It kinda sucks that we have to seperate people by their race rather than recognizing everyone has human :/.

Ollie said...

This is a very strange principal, i can't believe he did this and then become an administrator. How aweful.